JESS FRANCO MONTH: Bahia Blanca (1985)

The island in this movie is a bad, bad place, filled with bad, bad people. So when the body of Martin El Pocho washes up on the shore, anyone could be the killer in a town filled with angry fishermen, thugs and women of ill repute. Sheriff Carlos (Antonio Mayans) and the cornoner Dr. Ramiro (Juan Soler) decide to investigate, getting a clue from an old drunk (Jess Franco, showing up in his own movie) to tell them that there’s a pair of sirens on the island that lure men to their deaths.

Those sirens just may be bar owner Alida (Eva Leon, Mansion of the Living Dead) and her sullen emo silent sister Maria (Lina Romay). Meanwhile, a crime lord named Raul (Tony Skios) and his young henchman Andy (Jose Llamas) get invovled, plus Andy is in love with a townie virgin played by Analía Ivars from Franco’s Golden Temple Amazons.

If Jess Franco made a soap opera — or more to the point a telenovella — this would be it. I’d point to this movie as a film that says that he has talent and can tell a story, which would become rare in the years after this. And the new bluy ray release of this really shows off how much the scenery and colors of the area can become characters of their own within his movie.

Any movie that gives you the image of Analía Ivars blasting people with a shotgun while dressed for a white wedding is one worth a watch.

You can get Bahia Blanca from Severin.

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