JESS FRANCO MONTH: Le jouisseur (1975)

Also known as Sexy Erotic Jobb — yes, that’s how it’s spelled on the poster — this movie has Count Roland (Fred Williams) leaving behind his boring life to a rich wife to become a butler to the also rich and famous, which allows him to go back to his youthful days of being on top or under or behind anything in kneehighs.

I always wonder about Franco movies, when we see the set and the crew and Jess himself directing at the end, are we having a meta “We began in a fairytale and we came to life, but is this life reality? No. It is a film. Zoom back camera. We are images, dreams, photographs. We must not stay here. Prisoners. We shall break the illusion. This is Maya. Goodbye to the Holy Mountain. Real life awaits us.” The Holy Mountain moment or is Jess just saying screw it or is this his tribute to all the times that boom mics appear in film?

That said, if you want to see what France’s 42nd Street looked like in 1975 — presumably shot with no permit out of a car window, the way it should be — then the last ten minutes of this are for you. The rest is a light comedy and at no time do you worry for your sanity and what kind of Franco movie is that?

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