JESS FRANCO MONTH: Les gardiennes du pénitencier (1981)

So this is kind of cheating, because this is less a Jess Franco movie and more a Eurocine mix tape that has been edited from Franco’s Barbed Wire Dolls, Alain Peyat’s Hitler’s Last Train and Patrice Rhomm’s Captive Women 4 with some new footage directed by Alain Deruelle in which numerous SS officers run away to Latin American where they’ve created special laboratories to breed beautiful women that will satisfy their darkest desires. How this helps them get revenge for the fall of the Third Reich is way beyond me.

Seriously, all of those movies, all mixed up, all with new dialogue dubbed over the top of them.

Jailhouse Wardress is literally only for Franco completists. And by that, I mean me. But seriously, if you’ve never watched one of his movies, this would not be the one to start with. Or really ever have to see.

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