Saul At Night (2019)

As a result of a bizarre experiment, Saul Capgras ihas become used to a life of isolation at night, while the rest of the city — and his family — all sleep under a mandated curfew. Saul is the only person left awake at night — perhaps by choice or sacrifice — and he yearns to experience the lives of his family, despite never seeing them awake ever.

Then, he meets Amalur, who avoids her family because she doesn’t want to know that life has gone on without her.

From 10 PM to 6 AM, the world sleeps while Saul and Amalur roam the world, the only connection left with others being the notes left in a basket for them. And, at times, a beeping monitor forces them to take pills and answer the questions of a computer.

Unfortunately, Saul and Amalur speak different languages and can’t understand one another, which is better than the life Saul has been leading, which finds him using large dolls to take the place of his loved ones.

The first full-length movie from director and writer Daniel Miska, Saul at Night uses science fiction to tell us all a story about being alone, about loss and about how our worlds can be so far apart. There’s a lot to try and understand here, with no easy answers, but I found it especially poignant given the trapped world that we’re all living in, then escaping briefly, then living in again.

Saul At Night is available on AppleTV, Amazon and Altavod from Utopia.

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