Mill Creek Through the Decades: 1970s Collection: Dollars (1971)

You know, I’ve never really liked Warren Beatty and then this movie — and several others on the Through the Decades: 1960s Collection like Lilith and Mickey One — totally changed my mind.

A Hamburg, West Germany bank has privacy laws that are quite favorable to an entire rogue’s gallery of criminals who need a place to keep their money safe from the government. Meanwhile, bank security consultant Joe Collins (Beatty) has been planning on stealing all of their cash along with sex worker Dawn Divine (Goldie Hawn).

From there, the criminals — like Las Vegas mobsters, military men who’ve just made money off an illicit drug deal and a brutal killer known only as the Candy Man — start hunting Joe and Dawn for their money across nearly all of Europe.

This was directed and written by Richard Brooks, who also wrote Key Largo and directed and wrote Blackboard JungleIn Cold Blood and Waiting for Mr. Goodbar. This isn’t as successful as those, but Beatty and Hawn have a fun chemistry and are both filled with such charm that I couldn’t dislike this movie.

Through the Decades: 1970s Collection is new from Mill Creek. It also has A Walk In the Spring Rain, Fun With Dick and JaneThe Owl and PussycatFor Pete’s Sake, The Anderson TapesThe HorsemenThe Stone Killer, Brother John, Gumshoe and The Last Detail. You can learn more on their site and order it from Deep Discount.

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