Bijo no harawata (1986)

Entrails of a Beautiful Woman is the sequel to Entrails of a Virgin and was directed and written by Kazuo “Gaira” Komizu, who also made the family-friendly movies Guzoo: The Thing Forsaken by God – Part I and Rabbit sex: Joshigakusei shûdan bôkô jiken.

After a young woman is used and abused by the Yakuza — and her sister is treated to the same horrific fate — she tells her story to a psychologist before committing suicide. But then that same psychologist tries to get revenge, only to also find herself facing the same end before she’s dismembered and buried along with the body of another criminal.

Somehow, thanks to gory Japanese scumbag fate, their bodies melt together and become a dual sexed zombie that treats the criminals the same way that they were treated, whether by violence or, well, look this movie is going to go places that movies like Incubus only hint at, making that movie look like a film you can watch with your parents by comparison.

If someone offers you the drug Angel Rain, just say no.

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