Guzoo: The Thing Forsaken by God – Part I (1986)

There was a time in my life when tentacles attacking Japanese girls was the most scandalous thing I’d ever even considered. Now, it’s like the wine cooler in the cabinet alongside the movie heroin that the exploitation gods have allowed me to inject between my fingers.

Four schoolgirls stay at their professor’s house for the weekend because that’s how things in Japan and the teacher’s daughter has some monster in the basement that she’s working on that can only be controlled by a flute and then it tastes blood and before you know it there’s some PG tentacle menacing.

What isn’t PG is the rest of Kazuo “Gaira” Komizu’s list of movies, which have titles like Molester’s Train: Mischievous Fingers and Entrails of a Virgin.

If you told me the monster in this movie is real, I will totally believe you.

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