Ghost Story: Episode 4 “Bad Connection”

If you’ve watched enough made-for-TV horror, you may have asked, “How long will it be until Karen Black shows up as part of Ghost Story?” Good news. She’s here.

In this episode — written by John McGreevey (The Death of Richie) and horror master Richard Matheson and directed by Walter Doniger, who made a lot of TV but I’m going to celebrate him for writing the Brian Bosworth vehicle Stone Cold — she plays Barbara Sanders, a widow who is just getting used to the idea that her husband died in Vietnam, which is a tremendously edgy thing for a network TV horror anthology to tackle back in 1972.

As she plans to remarry, the phone starts to ring, with her dead husband’s voice on the other side, asking her to remember her promise and telling her that she’ll soon die. Throw in the sound of army boots haunting her at night and you get what you want Karen Black to do: open up those gigantic eyes and just start screaming.

Anyone else would scream loudly and act slightly afraid.

When you hire Karen Black, you get full-on mania, the kind you’re worried will stay with her long after the acting is done.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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