Future Warrior Amazons (2017)

If you thought there was nowhere else to go after Future Century Amazons, oh man, well, there is.

Put on your PPE, galoshes and grab a barf bag, I guess.

Remember how Dr. Maki Amamiya had come to Amazon City to become the new artificial insemination expert? Well, that’s about when a Christian missionary named Kenta is captured while trying to give some of the castrated men of the city a proper burial. For some reason, he’s selected for Amazon City’s new and ultra-secret Male Weaponization Program. He’s dosed with testosterone. which seems against everything this tribe of amazons — let’s call then Future Warrior Amazons –standsd for, so who knows what will happen next?

Also, this movie shows us that the great unwashed of the forbidden zones yearn only to be horrible men and act as you’d expect. Also, tentacles. Also, Alien ripoff monsters. Also, the end of this world.

Also also also: more women removing the testicles of men while dressed in paramilitary costumes.

I’m sure this is someone’s fetish. They probably bought this off the rack at Lawson’s or 7-11 because that’s how Japan does it.

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