Future Century Amazons (2017)

I think director and writer Naoyuki Tomomatsu has some issues.

I mean, who would make this movie? A film in which radical feminism has caused the downfall of civilization, with the few remaining humans live in various settlements with vast fobidden zones between them filled with mutant creatures, all while the warring female factions battle over their male cattle and remove their bloody scrotums in ritualistic fashion to keep the human race alive? Indeed, who?

Amazon City is one of the large cities left, a place where men are more than a source of, well, balls. They’re also canned and given to the women for food. The Love Liberation Army wants to return to the days when man and woman could lie together and as such, have been killed all of the scientists. But now, Dr. Maki Amamiya has come to bring her science — and her husband — to this strange new world.

Obviously, this movie has next to no budget, but for what it has, it has a cast that throws themselves into its berserk exploitation storyline. Don’t expect any deep thinking on how men and women can fix their relations. Just enjoy the costumes, I guess. Not for long, with this being a modern Pinky Violence movie, after all.

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