One Cut of the Dead (2017)

Kamera o Tomeru na! (Don’t Stop the Camera!) features a 37-minute-long continuous shot that took six takes and makes the entire movie. In fact, as boring as zombie movies have become, One Cut of the Dead makes me forget just how bad things have been the last few years.

Like a charming animal-destruction free version of Cannibal Holocaust, the movie has three different ways that the story is told, changing with each new telling of the tale. Higurashi, the director, is losing money and needs to finish his film, but he hates how it kooks. So he makes a blood pentagram that activates real zombies that start biting his crew and actors while he keeps screaming for them to keep shooting, no matter what.

And honestly, if I tell you anything that happens after the actress Chinatsu kills him and stands inside the pentagram in a trance, it will ruin what was one of the best movies I’ve seen in some time.

This small movie went on to earn a thousand times its budget. That’s incredible and if a film is deserving of that success, it’s this one. You can check it out on Shudder.

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