Ghost Story: Episode 2 “The Concrete Captain”

Ed Lucas (Stuart Whitman) has found his wife Kate (Gena Rowlands) the perfect souvenir. The Concrete Captain is a small chunk of concrete with a miniature harpoon in it. Lucky for him — and maybe not so good, really, when you see how it all happens — she loves it.

She’s actually obsessed with it.

The Concrete Captain ends up being real and his ghost thinks that Kate is his long-lost love Katharine. And he’s coming back for her.

This episode of Ghost Story was based on a short story by Elizabeth Walter, whose story “The Spider” was an episode of Night Gallery, “Fear of Spiders.” Three more of her stories would end up in this series: “The New House,” “Pendergast” (which was called “Elegy for a Vampire”) and “Travelling Companion” (which was called “Time of Terror). The story was adapted by JImmy Sangster and Richard Matheson, which if you think about it, is pretty much as good as it gets.

This was made four years — and plenty of TV work — before Richard Donner would make The Omen and show the world just how good he was. Anyone who watched this episode would already know that, as this gothic ghost story wanders the silent and gray shores of a coastal town that’s been shut down.

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