Rasuto Furankenshutain (1991)

The Last Frankenstein is a Japanese take on the Frankenstein legend, with Professor Sarusawa trying to make a super Adam and Eve who cannot be controlled by their emotions. Meanwhile, the rest of the world has a disease that causes them to commit suicide. Or maybe it’s just a death cult not unlike Aum Shinrikyo, a Japanese doomsday cult and terrorist organization that unleashed sarin gas on the Tokyo subway a few years after this movie was made.

The key to all of this is the one-eyed Dr. Aryo, who has two bodies that he wants to bring to life.

Directed and written by Takeshi Kawamura, who originally had this as a stage play and continues to work in that milieu, this movie also has a psychic daughter, a family of abnormal humans, a hunchback who drives around collecting nude women, a beach vacation and, well, look — it’s absolutely as strange as it gets.

I love Japan because Frankenstein’s Monster can be a Toho monster like Frankenstein vs. Baragon and War of the Gargantuas. Or it can be an art movie like this one, one that straddles the line between Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein and the gore-drenched excesses of modern Japanese gore films.

Also: the one-eyed scientist can only relate to the aborted pickled punks he keeps in his lab, hugging them when he gets sad.

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