Frankenstein On Campus (1970)

Viktor Frankenstein (Robin Ward, the narrator of the 80s Twilight Zone) has been expelled from the old country for his experiments, so he heads to Canada to study mind control before campus radicals kick him off campus. So Viktor does what you and I would. He controls the mind of Tony (Ty Haller, One Minute Before Death), a karate expert, and beats those hippies to death.

At one point, Viktor’s love interest Susan takes him to see an acid rock concert with the band Lighthouse. The saxophonist is Howard Shore, who would score the films of Cronenberg.

Shot at the University of Toronto and made with Canadian Film Development Corporation money, this movie looks dated but hey it was made 52 years ago. It was written by David Cobb (who has an extra role in Rhinestone), William T. Marshall and director Gilbert W. Taylor, who other than a short doc called The Mississauga Movie and some production credits (Pinocchio’s Birthday Party and Klondike Fever) never did anything else.

Also: young Frankenstein is a never nude.

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