Nympha (2007)

Sarah (Tiffany Shepis!) has come from New York City to Italy on a spiritual quest to become part of the New Order convent where she plans to live out her life as a cloistered nun.

As Bunyan wrote in Pilgrim’s Progress, “Then I saw that there was a way to hell, even from the gate of heaven.”

Sarah begins having visions of a young nun who was on the same journey that she was on and how her life became anything but a serene journey to discover God’s grace. And that means to find the divine, you need to have your ear drums pierced, your eyes filled with acid, your hands burned and your tongue removed. Then she magically heals but not before flashbacks filled with monstrous infants.

For as over the top arty and — at times — silly as this gets, you have to give it to Shepis for being committed. She’s actually a pretty good actress, but most people will only be watching this for the nudity and sapphic scenes that nun movies promise. Well, you’ll get it, but you have to wander the desert like some kind of prophet before you get that revelation. Hope you enjoy eating all those locusts and wild honey.

Directed and written by Ivan Zuccon (The Darkness Beyond), this is another attempt at me trying to find my way into the horrors of Italian film post late 80s. Sometimes, the results are successful. This is around halfway one of those times.

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