Hotel Inferno (2013)

Giving the job of assassinating a couple in their hotel room, contract killer Frank Zimosa finds himself fighting for his life in a maze-like building filled with demons. Yeah, it’s kind of like a first-person shooter, except that it’s an Italian movie literally overloaded with gristle, gore and all manner of gross-out violence. Welcome to Hotel Inferno.

Director and writer Giulio De Santi has made three sequels to this movie with three more n the way. He’s also the founder and president of Necrostorm, a multimedia company that produces and distributes movies, games, cartoons, comics, music and merch, often serving as each production’s writer, director, art director, lead animator, digital effects director, producer and editor.

It soon turns out that everyone in the building is a killer and they’re all here to be offered as a sacrifice, as has been done for hundreds of years. Except that Frank thinks that he can beat the devil.

This came out three years before Hardcore Harry tried the same trick and has about a hundredth of that movie’s budget (and voice acting ability). That said, the scene where the occultist covered in flies writes the spells on a wall approaches near murderdrone levels in its movie drug intensity. This is definitely a movie that you should at least watch for a few minutes, as it’s a pretty insane way to make a movie.

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