Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again (1990)

The adult side of Archie isn’t new — despite what series like Riverdale would have us think — as this movie has the comic book hero coming back home fifteen years after graduation. In England, where they’d have no context for the comic, it was called Weekend Reunion.

Dick Lowry also directed several of the Kenny Rogers Gambler movies and The Jayne Mansfield Story so you know the quality that you’re getting into here.

Archie (Christopher Rich) is now a lawyer about to marry his fiancee, while Veronica (Karen Kopins) has been married four times, Betty (Lauren Holly) has become a school teacher, Jughead (Sam Whipple) is a psychiatrist that fears women and Reggie (Gary Kroeger) is still a jerk.

While this pilot for a series wasn’t picked up, Archie Comics published an adaptation of that had Stan Goldberg and Mike Esposito art in the flashbacks to look like the classic comics and Gene Colan drawing the modern versions of the characters. It also has a cover by John Byrne, who didn’t often draw comedy characters like Archie and his friends.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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