The Apartment Complex (1990)

This movie knows how to get a great cast together: Chad Lowe as its hero, along with Patrick Warburton, Tyra Banks, Amanda Plummer and R. Lee Ermey as some of the tenants that he’s watching over.

The last man in his place disappeared and now, after being accused of murder, it feels like Lowe’s Stan Warden is facing the same future. There’s also a fun script, written by Eerie, Indiana and Strange Luck creator — and the man who directed one of the original Fear Street TV movies — Karl Schaefer.

It’s also goofy in all the best ways — the owner’s name is Dr. Caligari, it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s brother Iggy, certain apartments are just missing — and seems like it could have been a series.

I’ve seen some bad reviews on this, but maybe it just hit me right. Or maybe I always cut Tobe Hooper — yes, he directed this! — a break. I wasn’t expecting much and ended up walking away finding somethingh mildly fun.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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