The Feminist and the Fuzz (1971)

The January 26, 1971 ABC Movie of the Week, this film was directed by Jerry Paris, who you may know as Jerry Helper, the dentist and next-door neighbor of Rob and Laura Petrie. What you may not know is that he directed 237 of the 255 episodes of Happy Days in addition to Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment and Police Academy 3: Back in Training.

Speaking of police, hey, there’s the fuzz right there in the title. Said cop is played by David Hartman, who would go on to host Good Morning America from 1975 to 1987. He’s Officer Jerry Frazer and somehow, he ends up splitting an apartment with pediatrician Jane Bowers (Barbara Eden). They’re quite the odd couple — that had to be the pitch for this — as he’s a traditional man’s man who dates a Playboy Bunny (Farrah Fawcett!) and she’s a believer in women’s lib who has a mother’s boy for a fiancee (Herb Edelman, who would one day be Blance’s ex Stanley on The Golden Girls).

This is just packed with TV stars, like M*A*S*H* and Dragnet‘s Harry Morgan as Jane’s father, Jo Anne Worley as the feminist leader of Women Against Men Dr. Debby Inglefinger and Julie Newmar as an aspiring porn star who asks Jerry to arrest her so she can have a place to sleep.

It’s 74 minutes of fluff, you know exactly where it’s going but man, there’s nothing like early 70s TV to just make our 2021 world feel a little better.

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