The Eden Formula (2006)

Oh no, this is really Carnosaur 6.

Dr. Harrison Parker (Jeff Fahey) has created the Eden Formula, which can reproduce organisms and cure diseases. Instead of helping people, the other scientists in his company have decided to reanimate a dinosaur to impress stockholders, which really proves that this movie is realistic because I can totally see that happening. And then industrial espionage happens with James Radcliffe (Tony Todd) breaking in and setting a T. Rex — this movie was also called Tyrannosaurus Wrecks — loose in Los Angeles where it goes after Rhonda Shapton (Dee Wallace).

So yeah. A star-studded cast, the effects guy who worked on the first movies — John Carl Buechler — writing and directing, all with the same rubbery effects you made fun of in the last five Carnosaur movies. They haven’t gotten any better. In fact, they may have gotten worse.

You know, we should take out a fund and just pay Tony Todd for his service in these movies. He deserves so much better than to be dressed as fake Morpheus and battling off-screen lizards from a movie made thirteen years ago.

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