Curse IV: The Ultimate Sacrifice (1988)

Yes, you may notice that the fourth Curse move was made two years after the third. We can blame that on the fact that it was the last officially completed film by Empire Pictures before the company was seized for failure to pay on loans.

This delayed the movie by five years and TriStar Home Video released it direct-to-video as Curse IV: The Ultimate Sacrifice with no connection to The CurseThe Curse II: The Bite or The Curse III: Blood Sacrifice.

It’s directed and written by David Schmoeller, whose Tourist Trap and Puppet Master are both great movies.

Teacher Elizabeth Magrino arrives at the Abbey of San Pietro en Valle to see the abbey’s first Prior had his vision healed within the catacombs thanks to the Miracle of the Celestial Light. There’s also the issue of a demon that had been trapped in the monastery that has now possessed an albino leper, which is really a sentence that you should go back and read again.

Making this movie work is a solid Italian crew, including cinematography by Sergio Salvati (The Beyond, The House by the Cemetery), a score by Pino Donaggio and production design by Giovanni Natalucci (Once Upon a Time in America, The Stendhal Syndrome). There’s one scene worth watching this movie for, as a possessed statue of Jesus remembers how amazing The Eerie Midnight Horror Show was and gets down off the cross and kills a monk.

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