Return of the Living Dead: Necropolis (2005)

Ten years after the events of Return of the Living Dead III, this movie has Peter Coyote in it and he really seems like too good of an actor to be in the fourth movie of a franchise, much less a movie that debuted on SyFy.

A zombie says, “Send more security guards!” and one of the military experimentation zombies looks like Frankenstein’s Monster with tactical armor and a machine gun and you know, there’s not much else I liked in this.

Ellory Elkayem directed this and Return of the Living Dead: Rave to the Grave, which was made almost directly after this. It’s writer, William Butler, has been the scripter behind a bunch of the recent Full Moon stuff like The Gingerdead Man and the Barbie and Kendra movies (well, he wrote additional dialogue, which makes you question how many words those movies need). His co-writer Aaron Strononi also wrote Gingerdead Man 2: Passion of the Crust.

It’s rough, you know? And with one movie left, it will get rougher.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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