Wild About Harry (2009)

Also known as American Primitive, this movie stars Tate Donovan (the voice of Disney’s version of Hercules) as the titular Harry, who has just moved to Cape Cod with his teenage daughters Madeline and Daisy. Their goal is to keep all of the women away from their recently widowed father. But what happens next will surprise everyone.

One night, when Madeline and her friends head out to the discos of her new town, she sees her father dancing with Mr. Gibbs (Adam Pascal, SLC Punk!, the original cast of Rent), his new business partner.

This is in 1973, so when the entire town finds out, you can just expect how they react. And when the girl’s maternal grandparents arrive to take them away from their father, how a family is defined comes into question.

Directed and co-written by Gwen Wynne (with Mary Beth Fielder), this film may be from 2009, but it’s certainly a movie that holds up and is worth checking out.

Wild About Harry is available On Demand December 17 from Global Digital Releasing.

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