Mr. Birthday (2021)

We’ve made so many deals with Satan to bring you this site. There’s all the ouija movies. The shark cinema. The Amityville movies. And, of course, everything that Eric Roberts is in, which with as much as Eric Roberts is in, means that we’re always watching his movies.

You know how many movies Mr. Roberts makes? Every time an angel gets its wings, Eric has made 777 more movies.

Well, here we go. You’re welcome, Satan.

While working a maintenance job at an upscale hotel, Barry (Jason London, The Rage: Carrie 2) meets the mysterious Mr. Jay, who introduces him to the International Birthday Network, an agency that helps children across the globe suffering from miserable birthdays. Man, where were these guys when I was a kid and the cops came to my 12th birthday? To be fair, the police were also called to my first wedding.

Director Dan Hunter also made Agent Toby Barks, a movie that dares to make a dog version of Agent Cody Banks nearly two decades after the inspiration was released. That takes a certain lunatic charm that I can appreciate.

I love having our site because movies like this come to me. As I’ve written this — and your read it — Eric Roberts has been in 3 more movies. That also pleases me.

Mr. Birthday is available on a number of digital and cable platforms, including iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu, Comcast, Spectrum and Cox.

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