JOE D’AMATO WEEK: A Woman’s Secret (1992)

Somehow, someway Joe D’Amato got Margaux Hemingway, Apollonia (yes, the female star of Purple Rain) and Dan McVicar (The Bold and the Beautiful) in one of his movies, had the budget to shoot in New Orleans and responded by delivering a film that has less sleaze than normal but still doesn’t skimp on the nudity that this movie promised to rental and cable viewers.

Ellen Foster (Hemingway) has watched her husband commit a murder and goes on the run. He sends a hitman after her in the guise of a journalist with whom she has a Mardi Gras affair with but of course, things are not as they seem.

If you spent your small Friday hours watching Cinemax or Showtime in the 90s, you know exactly the kind of movie that you’re getting into. That’s not a bad thing, as making these kind of movies was something that D’Amato could — and often did, seemingly — in his sleep. This time, he just has a more expensive cast.

Also the most attractive woman on the set — apologies to the lovely Ms. Hemmingway and Ms. Kotero — was Laura Gemser, off camera and designing the costumes that were just cast to the floo during the sex scenes.

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