The Darkness of the Road

Caracas, Venezuela-based filmmaker Eduardo Rodriguez studied film at Florida State University and bowed with his first short in 2002. He’s since made five low-budget features, his last being, You’re Not Alone (2020). Here, in his sixth feature, he weaves a tale about Siri, a single mother, and Eve, her daughter, traveling on their way to a new life in their new home. Along the way they pick up Iris, a female hitchhiker. Then Siri goes missing. Then Siri and Iris soon discover Eve has been kidnapped by a mysterious presence in the lurking in the desolate woods.

The film’s small, unknown cast is headed by Johnny Whitworth (Empire Records; Cage Wallace from CBS TV’s The 100) and Najarra Townsend (as Siri; the action-indie Abducted and the horror-comedy Cold Feet).

Recently screening at Fantastic Fest 2021 in Austin, Texas — some of those films we reviewed with our “Fantastic Fest Week” of reviews — we are pleased to announce that Uncork’d Entertainment has picked up The Darkness of the Road for distribution as a digital stream and DVD on December 14. Other recent Uncork’d Entertainment released we’ve reviewed include Death Alley, The Mutation, Stalker in the House, Time Now, and The Handler.

The Darkness of the Road is yet another impressive film coming out of South America. We also enjoyed our recent watch of the awesome on-the-budget apoc throwback, Carrion (2021).

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