JOE D’AMATO WEEK: Love In Hong Kong (1983)

This movie actually played on Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater on April 16, 1994 and that fact alone makes me beyond happy.

It’s Joe D’Amato — as Alexander Boroscky — working with a lot of people I’ve never seen or heard from before or since other than Mark Shannon and I’ll be frank with you dear reader. I’ve seen way too much of Mark Shannon’s ballbag in the last week.

I take that back. Thanks to Adrian  on Letterboxd, I recognize Marianne Aubert from some Erwin Dietrich movies.

The colorful Tiger Balm Gardens, the world-famous Aberdeen Harbor and the spectacular Ocean Park Fair Ground! These are the places where we will go and see some horizontal hijinks in Hng Kong!

Will Julie keep her newspaper job? Why was this made? How did it get made? Why did Joe only make one movie in Hong Kong? Who dubbed this?

So many questions!

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