JOE D’AMATO WEEK: Papaya: Love Goddess of the Cannibals (1978)

On a Caribbean island, a nuclear power plant is to about to be built despite the native population’s protests and their resistance under the guiance of Papaya (Melissa Chimenti). So how do you stop the nukes? You stea the engineers and kill them and sometimes eat them.


Sara (Sirpa Lane, who was referred to by Roger Vadim as the next Bardot, except Bardot was never in The BeastNazi Love Camp 27 or The Beast in Space) is at the same holiday on vacation and falls for Vincent (Maurice Poli, Hansel e Gretel), an engineer at the plant, except that means that they both get pulled into the shenanigans of Papaya and her cult and must become part of the Celebration of the Red Stone.

So yes, this movie doesn’t have much cannibalism, but it’s a sexploitation movie about how man destroys native habitats and should leave the ancient world alone lest it rise up with murder in its eyes. And loins. I mean, it’s still a movie by Joe D’Amato with plenty of horizontal dancing. Also: a cock fight — it’s an Italian movie — and Papaya literally eating a man’s dick.

All movies don’t have to be made by Joe D’Amato, but they should be.

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