JOE D’AMATO WEEK: A Lustful Mind (1986)

Based on the book Luxure by Judith Wexley — which probably doesn’t exist — this movie is about how a rich young man named Alessio has lost his voice after his mother dies and he goes to live in the country. Meanwhile, his dad (Al Cliver) gets remarried and still finds the time to sleep with Alessio’s aunt and an art restorer.

As for our protagonist, well, he’s indulging in the fantasy that it’s him instead of his dad.

There are only five actors in this and one location*, the very definition of a low budget. That said, Lilli Carati (The PleasureTo Be Twenty) acquaints herself well. Neither of the other two actresses, Noemie Chelkoff and Ursula Foti, ever did anything else.

Also known as Lust, this is one of the few Italian movies I’ve seen where restoring art doesn’t lead to demons killing everyone in their way.

*It’s a great location, the Villa Parisi in Frascati where Hatchet for the HoneymoonBlood for DraculaHomo EroticusPatrick Still LivesThe Murder Clinic and many other movies were filmed.

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