Philippine War Week II: Platoon the Warriors (1987)

Take the 1984 Filipino movie Diegong Bayong, get some footage from Hong Kong, throw it in a blender and boom, you have Platoon Warrior or Platoon the Warriors and yes, if you’re wondering if this has something to do with Godfrey Ho of course it does.

Jack Barlow (Anthony Alonzo) has lost his son, father and mother to a gang who puts the cherry on the top of the Death Wish cosplay sundae by assaulting his daughter.  And that would be the Diegong Bayong parts, as he gets one gang to kill another gang which seems, well, nothing like either PlatoonThe Warriors or anything Death Wish.

There’s also a two and a half minute love scene from that movie repurposed, remixed and reused here and — of all things — set to Kraftwerk.

Somehow, this trailer is a billion times better than the actual movie.

This movie is also not the Michael Dudikoff vehicle Platoon Leader.

It’s…man Godfrey Ho and his crew are wild because this is such a puzzle of so many things jammed together that I have no idea what I’m to get out of it. I was expecting an 80s jungle film and I got something else but then it went back to the jungle.

Look, in the Philippines, they make spaghetti with banana ketchup and cut up hot dogs and that makes more sense than what I just watched.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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