9th Old School Kung Fu Fest: Shaolin Kung Fu (1974)

The Old School Kung Fu Fest is back and the Museum of the Moving Image and Subway Cinema will co-present eight newly restored films and one fan favorite classic by Kuo on glorious 35mm. Four titles will be available exclusively online, December 6–13, and another five films for in-person big-screen viewing at MoMI, December 10–12. 

To see any of these shows, visit the Museum of the Moving Image online or Subway Cinema.

Lin Fung carries people with his rickshaw tirelessly to provide for his blind wife, but when a new and evil team of rickshaws comes to town with Tong Yan in charge, our hero starts a series of fights that leads to his wife being taken and a trap being set for him. Up until now, Lin Fung was held back by his wife’s ban on fighting, but now he’s going to take out everyone in his way.

Revenge is rough, though. Yan’s son is killed, so everyone Lin Fung loves must die as well, so while our hero remains triumphant, he honestly has nothing to show for it. That’s why I love martial arts movies and get upset — I seethe inside like Lin Fung wanting revenge — when people make fun of the bad dubbing and think they’re jokes. They’re melancholic musings on the fragile existence that we live in and the feeling that the only way out is through fists, feet and brutal death.

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