Motherly (2021)

Kate (Lora Burke, Lifechanger) and her daughter Beth live alone in an isolated house in the woods, but something dark is intruding into the hide-and-go-seek games they’re playing on Beth’s ninth birthday. It turns out that they’re in this home in witness protection, as Beth’s father may have killed a young girl. Or maybe Kate did it. Or maybe the vigilantes who appear and capture Kate did it. But people are going to get their nails ripped out and lives are going to be destroyed if it means discovering the truth.

Craig David Wallace and co-writer Ian Malone worked on the fun series Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, but this film comes from a much darker place. I honestly don’t want to reveal all that much of what happens next, except to say that no one in this film is trustworthy other than they all want what is best for their children. And that takes makes them manipulative and destructive beyond belief.

Kristen MacCulloch is great here just as she was in a completely different role as the central villain (well, perhaps even worse than the hero) in Psycho Goreman.

You can check out Motherly on demand and digitally.

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