Severed Ties (1992)

Damon Santostefano did the Fangoria videos Fright Show and both Scream Greats before a career that would see him make Three to Tango and Bring It On Again.

But man, this movie is something.

Harrison Harrison (Billy Morrissette) is a scientist who loses his arm in a regeneration experiment that leads to the limb becoming a reptilian force of evil, but he’s also a mother’s boy — his mom Helena is played by Elke Sommer! — and she has him and Doctor Hans Vaughan (Oliver Reed) wrapped around her finger, so our protagonist visits the homeless church led by Preacher (Johnny Legend) and recruits amputee veteran Stripes (Garrett Morris) and an army of the homeless.

Yeah, we already reviewed this once before, but this is all part of our plot to get you to watch it. Look, the link if even down there waiting for you.

It’s kind of like a comedy version of the Lizard from the Spider-Man comics and it doesn’t all work but when it does, it does. And that’s more than most movies can claim these days. It also has plenty of absolutely bonkers effects and I’m certain Morris thought, “How come every movie I’m in seems to have body horror in it?”

You can watch this on YouTube.


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