Scream Greats, Vol. 2: Satanism and Witchcraft (1986)

The first Scream Greats may have been about Tom Savini, but the second Fangoria VHS documentary release suddenly remembered that it was being released in the dead heart of the Satanic Panic.

Of course, Ed and Lorraine Warren show up to warn everyone watching this that the world was in a constant battle with demons. Of course, according to the Hollywood Reporter, “in the early 1960s, Ed Warren initiated a relationship with an underage girl with Lorraine’s knowledge. Now in her 70s, Judith Penney has said in a sworn declaration that she lived in the Warrens’ house as Ed’s lover for four decades.” But yeah, please tell us about Amityville.

Director Damon Santostefano also made Fright Show for Starlog magazine and the first volume of this series and trust me, I’ve heard for years how angry readers were that the second installment wasn’t about horror movies.

This was made during the period where Anton LaVey was strangely enough not doing publicity, so his only appearance here is via clips from Satanis. Otherwise, the rest of the blurred out devil worshippers come off as ridiculous, except for Paul Douglas Valentine, who led the Church of Satanic Liberation.

This was $39.95 when it came out, which really seems like a small price to pay to upset anyone that saw it on top of your VCR. Take it from someone who was obsessed with offending people in high school. I would have totally bootlegged this.

Also, this came out on laserdisc, which we all know is the most Satanic of all media formats.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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