SLASHER MONTH: Wizard of Gore (1970)

As a kid, I used to watch Bloodsucking Freaks at least once a week and now I’m kind of ashamed because I never realized that it’s pretty much a retread of Wizard of Gore and I’m sorry that we didn’t have the internet to teach me in 1986 rural Western Pennsylvania.

Montag the Magnificent — played by crew member Ray Sager after the original actor left after a confrontation with another member of the production team — is given to long speeches, saying things like “What is a magician? A person who tears asunder your rules of logic and crumbles your world of reality so you can go home and say: “Oh what clever tricks he has. What a sly deceiver” and go to sleep in the security of your own, real world. What is real? Are you certain you know what reality is? How do you know that at this second you aren’t asleep in your beds dreaming that you are here in this theater? Ah, yes. It all seems too real. Well, haven’t you ever had a dream that seems so very real until you woke up? Then again, how do you know that you ever did wake up? In fact, perhaps when you thought you were waking up, you had actually just begun to dream! You see what I mean, don’t you? All you lives, your pasts, your rules of what can or cannot be may all be part of one long dream from which you are about to awaken and discover the world as it really is!”

Then he does a stage magic act where he murders gorgeous women in front of the audience and then makes them appear healed and then they die in the same way later, which does not seem suspicious at all.

But man, the end of this movie gets absolutely insane, as Montag and his victim Susan play mind games against one another and the speech above is inverted and the illusion is cast on the illusionist.

That may sound rather high minded and intellectual, but never forget that the effects in this movie come from two dead sheep whose guts were dunked repeatedly in Pine-Sol.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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