SLASHER MONTH: Spider Woman (2007)

I’ve added a lot of YouTube subscriptions and one keeps posting weird off brand slashers with covers that have nothing to do with the actual films and they get me every time, so let me share my pleasure and pain with you.

IMDB tells me that director C. Rattapol made this one and only movie. I guess that’s probably a good thing, as this looks like the end period Mattei shot on video movies with none of the lunatic zeal or willingness to outright steal scenes from big budget movies.

I’ve seen this also called Spider Woman: Death Web. Anyways, it’s all about a witch who gets burned on the stake, but then she gets possessed by a giant spider just in time for the torch carrying villagers to destroy her and then we go into modern times and a bunch of teens on vacation come up against Thailand CGI circa 2007, so just imagine.

I really need to get out of my basement.

You can watch this on YouTube.

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