SLASHER MONTH: Moonstalker (1989)

Pop and Bernie have a good angle. Pop saddles up to campers and tells them how much he misses his dead son, who is really insane and kept in a straightjacket in a trailer until the campers trust his dad and then he is unleashed. Pop gets their gear, Bernie gets to kill, we have a movie called Moonstalker.

This is a movie nobody talks about because, well, who was watching slashers other than mutants like me and you in 1989?

Also known as Camper StamperA Demon Is Loose (Brazil), Bloody Moon (Mexico) and Terror Camp (Argentina), It also rips off John Carpenter both visually and audibly. About the only cool thing I can call this out for is Marcie, who wears a camp bikini, carries a whip and gets off to Wagner. So there’s that at least.

You may not care now, but when the Vinegar Syndrome $59.95 slipcase edition comes out, you will.

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