SLASHER MONTH: Hellroller (1992)

I’d like to know how Gary J. Levinson was able to get Michelle Bauer, Hyapatia Lee, Elizabeth Kaitan and Mary Woronov* to appear in his movie about a wheelchair bound slasher.

Our wheelchair slasher Eugene was made a paraplegic when his mother dropped him while she was being assaulted and murdered by a set of conjoined twins, then he was raised on the streets by his drunk aunt who also gets raped and killed, so that finally sets him on the path of revenge against anyone who can walk.

This movie, while horrifically bad, was stolen by another label and the case went the whole way to court. The People’s Court. You can’t invent things like that.

Only watch this if you hate yourself, if you want to write as many slasher articles as possible or both of these facts.

*She’s in the IMDB credits but I don’t see her anywhere in here.

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