SLASHER MONTH: Hanger (2009)

After this and Gutterballs, I guess that I can never accuse Ryan Nicholson of being subtle. I mean, beyond the back alley abortion that gives birth to this movies protagonist, there are numerous scatalogical scenes in this that even Joe D’Amato may have watched and said, “Potresti voler abbassare i toni, Ryan.”

A wire hanger abortion kills Hanger’s mom, but he’s raised in the back alleys and then taken to meet his biological father, who cheerfully gets him his first prostitute. Also, at some point, Hanger eats a Jehovah’s Witness, gets assaulted in his colostomy hole and then has to get revenge for everything that has ever happened to him.

But man, getting there is like walking through the meanest dark night, a knee-deep dive into a sewer filled with the vilest miasma you’ve ever seen, much less tasted. And if you ever wanted to see Lloyd Kaufman play a trans prostitute, this movie is here for you.

Sadly, creator Ryan Nicholson died of brain cancer at the early age of 47. He left behind a wife and son and that thought really keeps me from going any further into this movie.

The moral of this movie is this is exactly the kind of stuff that I tend to have on the TV when Becca walks in the room and she gets incredibly angry at me and refuses to talk to me for the rest of the day. Thanks, filmmakers!

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