SLASHER MONTH: Scissors (1991)

Frank De Felitta is all over the genre wavelength, directing the made for TV pseudo reality horror like The Stately Ghosts of England, bringing the slasher home with Dark Night of the Scarecrow and writing movies like Z.P.G.Audrey Rose and The Entity.

Now, not to start this argument, but this movie seems like just as much a giallo as a slasher, as Sharon Stone’s Angela Anderson is sexually repressed, has been attacked in an elevator, has used scissors to defend herself and is in love with. set of twins, one a soap opera star and the other a wheelchair-bound artist and both played by Steve Railsback.

Dr. Stephan Carter (Ronnie Cox) believes that some event in her past with a red-bearded man named Billy. Well, she soon finds Billy dead in an apartment that has a caged raven that keeps yelling that she’s a killer and exhibits throughout that tell the story of her life, so I’m now completely so sure that this is a giallo that I expect her to run through a room full of bats and then find dogs all strung up in a medical experiment before watching two women in paper dresses fight at a party.

Would Ronnie Cox be married to Michelle Phillips? I guess in the world of this movie, sure. And who is to say what happens when someone starts dressing like Billy — who ends up in reality being the stepfather that Angela’s mother killed — and taking the mental games to the highest of highs.

This movie also has a total Guy Caballero moment — “The wheelchair is for respect!” — and taught me that yes, ravens have a repertoire of 100 or more vocalizations, allowing them to mimic human speech and singing.

Is this movie even a slasher? I don’t know. It’s actually a mess, a film that asks you to believe that a 26-year-old Sharon Stone is a virginal innocent, that twin brothers both fall for her and someone is willing. to build an entire apartment devoted to her. It makes the first hour feel like forty years, which is a major accomplishment. Major people made this movie, which shocked me.

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