SLASHER MONTH: City of Blood (1987)

2000 years ago, two African tribesmen walking through a forester killed by a masked man wielding a spiked club, the same weapon that is being used to murder prostitutes. Then, the killer uses the spikes on his fist to paint pictures.

Chief medical examiner Dr. Joe Hendersen is now obsessed with researching the murders, but then he’s told to shut it down. Why? He’s also dealing with pressure to falsify a death certificate to keep a race war from happening. This could honestly be the entire plot of a different film.

Actually, this movie is a bait and switch, because the description and the opening have you ready for a police movie mixed with a slasher and then it becomes a political film and forget that it was sold as a slasher.

South African director Darrell Roodt has made a ton of movies from the Ice Cube-starring Dangerous Ground to Dracula 3000 and Lake Placid: The Legacy.

You can watch this on Tubi.

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