SLASHER MONTH: Cheerleader Camp (1988)

You know, if I had my way, Betsy Russell would have been a much bigger star. I mean, she’s done well and is remembered — and got to be in the Saw movies and get a whole new audience — but she deserved better than a movie that forces us to watch Leif Garrett make sweet love to Playboy Playmate for April 1986 and adult star Teri Weigel. Nothing against Teri — she’s also in Predator 2Marked for DeathInnocent Blood and was the first Playboy girl too go into adult, which cost her a lot in her personal and professional life.

Making this movie work even harder for me? The appearance of Cannon Films star — I mean, she was in Breakin’Breakin’ 2: Electric Booglaoo and Ninja 3: The Domination — Lucinda Dickey. Also — Taleena from the Gor movies — and June 1986 Playmate of the Month — Rebecca Ferratti, George “Buck” Flower and Tom Habeeb, who would one day host the show Cheaters.

Based on the death of Kirsten Costas — just like the original Tori Spelling Lifetime movie Death of a Cheerleader — this movie is a paper thin slasher than came in seven years after its expiration date and led to a sequel that’s not a sequel, the Russell feature — and yes, Buck Flower shows up again — Camp Fear.

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