Like Dogs (2021)

Lisa (Annabel Barrett) and Adam (Ignacyo Matynia) wake up in a dog kennel, chained to the walls and yeah, treated and fed like dogs. They have no idea how they got there to why and they start to bond. Adam starts the escape plan and then everything changes.

Doctor Fischer (Katy Dore), George (Ryan Q. Tran) and Erika (Shay Denison) lead the experiments, but George has gone rogue and begun drugging Lisa and Adam, which just may put the entire experiment in jeopardy. You know, the one where you chain people like dogs to the wall with the goal of…what is the goal?

Director and writer Randy Van Dyke has put something interesting together, filled with more than a few twists and some major reveals about our heroine Lisa, who may not be all that heroic and even worse than that first big reveal.

This is a movie packed with no small amount of meanness, roughness and the courage to take everything you know at the beginning and just throw it away. Big choices and made in this one, which is awesome to see.

Like Dogs is available on digital from Terror Films.

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