2021 Scarecrow Psychotronic Challenge Day 27: Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight (2020)

27. ARTIFICIAL LIMBS: Robot arms, wooden legs or even a transplanted thing… whatever grabs you.

Never go home again and never go to an abandoned tropical island with a coke-using film crew and never swim in the ocean and never go to camp. This camp has a reason, I guess, as the kids are addicted to the internet and must go phone free, which is a great way to future proof this slasher, as so many times you just wonder, “Why not just use your phone?”

So while there’s Iza, the character that knows the rules of horror movies, no one else listens and has sex in the woods, as they always do, and then a set of massive twin meteorite mutated monsters start killing people, as these things happen, and then everyone is really in for it.

The film has some beautiful locations while planting its soul firmly in the 80s slasher world, although the science fiction backstory for the killers is really fun, as is the makeup.

Since this got added to Netflix — and did quite well — its been confirmed that a sequel is coming, reuniting director Bartosz M. Kowalski and most of the crew the film’s lone survivor.

Someone said to me the other day, “What did you expect, it’s a slasher,” and then I was like, “You realize that’s like slapping me and not expecting me to fight, right?” And that was about a bad slasher. This is a decent one.

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