SALEM HORROR FEST: The Free Fall (2021)

Adam Stilwell wrote and directed The Triangle, which is a film I’ve heard plenty of good things about. This time, he’s made a movie about a woman named Sara. She starts the film by waking up from a coma — she’d witnessed something traumatic with her parents and attempted suicide — into a life she doesn’t remember. And while her husband seems helpful, there’s the hint that he’s being a little bit too controlling.

How controlling? Well, most of their house is off limits to her and she’s constantly followed by her nurse Rose, who is played by V star Jane Balder and let me tell you, I’ve never seen Ms. Balder play a single heroic or nice person.

Also, when our heroine digs up her garden, she finds an intestine growing in it which is just one of the visions she’s seeing. Is she still alive? Is she being gaslit by her husband? Has she lost her mind? There’s a major shift that comes into the movie, so get ready for it. This is a dark exploration about recovering from suicide as well as the pain men can put into a relationship, so watch it at your own peril.

I saw The Free Fall as part of Salem Horror Fest, where you can watch several shorts and features with their virtual pass now until the end of October.

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