SALEM HORROR FEST: Iskioma (2020)

Kostas Gerampinis hasn’t made a full-length feature as of yet, but this short proves that he has strong storytelling skills, an eye for powerful visuals and confidence beyond his experience.

When a veterinarian is called in to treat a mysterious disease in a remote farm in Greece, he determines that all of the animals on the farm must be put to death to keep any chance of an infectious disease outbreak to a minimum. The farmer argues that no one will compensate him for his troubles, but then a storm breaks out, leaving the animal doctor no choice but to spend the night.

Between the visuals and the score, this seems like it’s ready to be a full-length film. It kept my attention the entire way and I kept looking at the clock. Usually, that happens when a movie bores me. With this, I was hoping that it would play longer.

Iskioma is now playing Salem Horror Fest and you can watch this short and all of the features with their virtual pass now until the end of October. You can learn more at the film’s official site.

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