SALEM HORROR FEST: Griffica (2021)

Can a relationship be too perfect? Can a lover be so great at everything that their very devotion to always doing the right thing be too much? What if you got the exact relationship you always wanted and found that it was too much of a good thing? And what if that lover was also a demon planning on sucking out your brains after continually making you the best iced coffee you’ve ever tasted — that may have tennis root in it?

Director and writer C.J. Arellano’s short moves quickly, as if you’re being relayed relationship gossip by one of your most entertaining friends, even when things take a darker turn. James Dolbeare anchors it all with his narration and even when things seem like they could be, well, perfect at the end, we all know how most love stories turn out.

Griffin is now playing Salem Horror Fest and you can watch this short and all of the features with their virtual pass now until the end of October. You can learn more about this movie at its official page.

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