SLASHER MONTH: Slumber Party Massacre III (1990)

Directed by Sally Mattison and written by Catherine Cyran — all of the Slumber Party Massacre movies have been directed by women — this movie is probably the worst of the three films and a remake.

It does have a character named The Beach Weirdo that somehow has a power drill that he carries around and uses to do what killers in the slumber party movies do, which is drill women.

After filming was completed, the set was used for another Roger Corman-produced sequel that was also unrelated to the movie that before: Sorority House Massacre II. Speaking of Corman, this movie needed his special touch, because even though the actresses in the film were hired because they woud get nude, several refused and Mattison agreed to let them keep their clothes on.

The sinister foreign buyers demanded to see some flesh and Maria Ford was the one to get her clothes ripped off and assaulted, no matter what Mattison wanted to have happen. Man, how has Corman never been part of the Me Too takedown?  Hopefully he’s treated his talent better than what I’ve read.

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