SALEM HORROR FEST: Logan Lee & The Rise of the Purple Dawn (2020)

Within the structure of an album that teaches you how to scratch — and sounds like something out of The Avalanches — Chinese-American DJ Logan Lee is poised to make his live debut at his best friend Beatrice Pan’s house party. He’s a nervous wreck, she has a potentially evil — and cybernetic alien — boyfriend and his mom has given him perhaps the strongest strain of marijuana ever made.

Director and writer Raymond C. Lai has taken a small budget and short running time and infused it with plenty of big energy and bigger ideas. I had a blast with this and really hope that this becomes a full-length feature at some point. Great ending, too!

Logan Lee and the Rise of the Purple Dawn is now playing Salem Horror Fest and you can watch this short and all of the features with their virtual pass now until the end of October.

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