SALEM HORROR FEST: Fire on the Mountain (2020)

Filmed in one of America’s oldest deep coal mines and featuring practical FX from Emmy award-winning makeup artist Santino Ferrese (Star Trek Discovery), Fire on the Mountain is all about the battle that a young woman must take on to stop a centuries old demon from unleashing hell on Earth.

Director Patrick Corcoran has recently made a full-length called Schimbarea that I want to track down after seeing this. I mean, how can you not love a movie where “a ragtag group of chainsmoking teenagers must join together to keep it from terrorizing their small Pennsylvania town.” Reading, PA represent!

It looks great and shows plenty of promsie. Exactly what you hope from when you check out a short film!

Fire on the Mountain is now playing Salem Horror Fest and you can watch this short and all of the features with their virtual pass now until the end of October. To learn more, check out this movie’s official Facebook page.

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